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Our Core Technologies

We are a Research & Development company specializing in material sciences applying the Caldera Lamination System process. The CLS is an advanced manufacturing process, a system of fabrication, manufacturing, and assembling components that use our Differential Pressure Assisted Resin Transfer or DPART fabrication process. We are creating a system and chemistry to create inflatable composite materials that can be hardened in real time to the strength properties of autoclaved carbon fiber components.

Founded by John Steven Calder, Instaclave Technologies is currently under intensive product and business development and we have partnered well. With the initial support of the Lawrence Berkeley Labs, we have made great inroads our product developments.

Keep an eye on this space as we grow. We are recruiting some great Partners, Board Members and Executives!

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Our Team


John Steven Calder

An innovative Product Designer and Developer with excellent leadership skills. Design and development of successful products, from concept to production. Experience and design skills allow me to execute multi-discipline product design projects efficiently and definitively. Consistently demonstrated ability to visualize next generation systems.

Calder is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Instaclave Technologies.

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Philip DePond

Philip is a published expert in the area of advanced manufacturing and his expertise includes laser material processing, laser-matter interaction science, process optimization, in-situ characterization, experimental and computational mechanics of materials, and advanced composite materials and processes. Philip has 10+ years of experience in research and development and managing projects aimed at developing laboratory scale processes. Philip has B.S. and MS degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and currently is working towards his PHD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.

Phillip is our Chief Technology Officer.


Layla Lyne-Winkler

Layla is working with us on Organization Management and setting up proper business structure for us to grow upon. A seasoned professional leader, Ms. Winker's background, education and experience has been foundational in our development.

Ms. Lyne-Winkler is the Consulting Chief Operating Officer and a Co-Founder of Instaclave Technologies.


Michelle Thompson

Michelle is a Lawyer and Tax attorney. As our General Counsel, Michelle oversees all our contracts, patent work, employee law and investor relationships. Graduate of Golden Gate University and Santa Clara University, Michelle, is making a name for her self in Silicon Valley startups.

Ms. Thompson is as the Acting General Counsel at Instaclave Technologies


Katie Rose Spahn

Katie was an Intern with us and is now joining us full time. Mrs. Spahn has a MBA, Masters in Business Administration and brings invaluable knowledge of logistics and Operational Efficiency. She looks forward to building and developing an exciting Silicon Valley start-up.

Ms. Spahn is as the Director of Operations at Instaclave Technologies


Seamus Patrick McGovern-Calder

Seamus Calder is a brilliant Graphics Designer. He began his foray into graphic design to amuse his friends in fantasy baseball. Eventually as he progressed further into the Bay Area comedy scene he was frequently called up to design logos and flayers for various shows.

Seamus is our awesome Graphic Designer at Instaclave Technologies

Our Advisors


Rick Maxwell

Experienced project Lead / Systems Engineer: NASA and military space observatories, interplanetary space craft. NASA Space lab and Space Shuttle scientific missions (Spitzer Space Telescope Facility and variations of space based infrared (IR) telescopes). Design, and test large-scale test laboratories for support of on-orbit spacecraft. Develop, integrate satellite flight software Space Infrared Telescope Facility and IR based telescopes.

Rick Maxwell is our Leading Space Advisor at Instaclave Technologies.


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