Instaclave Technologies

What We Do

We are a Research and Design company specializing in material sciences applying the "Caldera Laminate" process.

Instaclave Technologies is the primary licensing source for the "Caldera Laminate" process in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Manufacturing sectors.

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Instaclave Technologies

P:(415) 577-8108

Instaclave Aerospace

Opportunities in Aerospace are vast using the "Caldera Laminate" process. Fabrication of large to massive structures, compliant with NASA standards, are now enabled.

Instaclave Medical

Utilizing the the "Caldera Laminate" process in the Micro scale, mechanical replacement parts are more sterile and easier to apply and much more cost effective.

Instaclave Automotive

The fabrication of production line components are much more cost effective using the "Caldera Laminate" process.